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2513 Rockfish Rd

Crimora, VA 24431

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23 April 2023

Photography Policies




                                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY



**This only applies to Professional Photographers that are being PAID for their services**

Regular customers, taking their own photos, do not need a photographer’s pass.

To purchase our Photographer’s pass, please visit our ticketing website

Photographer Fees on the farm: General admissions for all guests will be required during our festival hours (Saturdays 10:00am-6:00pm & Sundays 10:00am-6:00pm). The photographer pass will get ONLY the photographer in for free.


No admission fee is required for you or your clients if you visit outside of the festival hours by appointment.

(You must make an appointment to visit the farm outside of Festival Hours by sending us an email to: and getting a confirmed appointment return email) We limit each time slot to a maximum of 5 photographers to ensure there is plenty of room for the photos to be taken. We can not guarantee the bloom dates and quality of the sunflower field (stay tuned to our social media for weekly updates on the flower fields) We will be posting regular updates via social media and our website.